You Are Needed … More Than Ever!

I’ve written this book because it’s my heartfelt belief that your skills, services and vision are needed. At this juncture in our world, we need the Holistic Business Owners: the practitioners, healers, service-providers, coaches, artists, inspirational speakers, visionaries and change-agents; more than ever before. We need you to step up, play a bigger role in your communities and the world, and lead us into a healthier, more whole and healed world.

It is my certainty that if Spirit/God/Divine had the wherewithal to seed a vision and purpose within you, then the same force of All That Is absolutely has the wherewithal to provide a thriving living for you.

But there’s a caveat to that universal promise: You will have to cooperate with that vision. You will have to develop the business skills you need and clear up any contrary (often subconscious) beliefs, habits and excuses that can block your success.

“Abundance” is More Than an Affirmation

As someone who transforms and uplifts lives with your good work in the world, true abundance means you will have to take the actions needed to create a thriving business. Because without the ability to thrive financially, you will find yourself (as so many others have) giving with an empty vessel – the very antithesis of an abundance life!

Ultimately, giving with an empty vessel helps very few, while harming self.

Abundance is more than simply a politically correct affirmation. We can affirm, light candles, do rituals and invoke “abundance” every day of our lives, but without key actions and mindset shifts, it will only ever take us so far …

A New CONVERSATION About Service & Success

Spirit, Mind & Money is intended to open up a conversation with the growing number of practitioners, healers, teachers, coaches, artists and heart-centered change-agents who truly want to be of service in the world. People who feel the calling to have greater positive impact, yet find themselves held back due to one or more of the following obstacles…

  1. A challenge translating their work into a meaningful message that attracts paying clients and customers.
  2. A lack key business-building skills.
  3. An outworn “blueprint” about money that locks them into financial limitation.

It’s my firm belief that if you are called to be of service in some way, then you are very needed in our world today, and that we would all benefit from your success as small business owners.

When you use what is offered in this book to gain insight, you are taking the first step toward healing and wholing your relationship to Money, Service and Success.

Some of what I share may challenge you. Some you may disagree with. I only ask that you remain open-minded and remember: YOU are needed. I wrote the book to help you reach and serve those who are waiting for you!

Spirit, Mind, Money … A Holistic Business Solution

There are four parts to this book. Together they make up what amounts to a Blueprint for a Holistic Business Owner to grow a healthy, sustainable, successful business. Each section of this book includes specific exercises for gaining clarity, building a plan, taking action, or evaluating ideas and beliefs that may not be serving you.

Part I: Spirit

In Part I, we begin with a look at the Spirit of your Business. In this section you will discover why your Brand Message is critical and why so many Holistic Business Owners drop the ball on this, defaulting to modality speak and trying to serve everybody. We’ll also have a look at what it takes to create an Ideal Client profile, and why it’s so important to talk about that four-letter-word: pain.

Part II: Mind

Part II focuses on the Mind of your Business. It includes plenty of take-aways for building and marketing your business – both online and off. In fact, I designed Part II to be your marketing go-to reference. The best way to use it is to implement one or two things at a time, rather than feeling as if you need to apply all the suggestions at once. (In fact, please don’t try that! It will only lead to overwhelm and discouragement.) Instead, keep the book in your office after you’ve read it through, so that these strategies are always at your finger tips!

Part III: Money

Part III demands your courage. This is when we slay some sacred cows around money, service and business success. So if you have struggled financially as you attempt to turn your soul purpose calling into a genuine living, this will quite probably be the least appealing part of the book for you. But it will also be the most important, because without it, no other business strategies, tactics or vision will help you.

Part IV: A New Blueprint

Part IV ties it all together. This is where we look at how to reframe outdated ideas about money, elevate your ability to have more money, and allow you to provide great service while enjoying real business success. In short, Part IV is where we get you set up to thrive as a Holistic Business Owner.