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Gain Clarity Build A Plan  Take Action

Spirit, Mind & Money: The WORKBOOK

If you’re ready to grow a sustainable, successful business, one that’s aligned with  your values, and able to support your desire to have a greater impact in your community and our world, then this workbook is your next step, because when you consistently and lovingly work through the exercises in the workbook, you set yourself up for success by …

Gaining Clarity (on how to communicate the value of your wonderful services!)

Building a plan (for greater success in true alignment with your values!)

Taking consistent action (without 2nd-guessing yourself or wasting time with ineffective efforts!)

This Workbook contains all of the exercises from Spirit, Mind & Money, all in one convenient location, so you can give yourself the momentum necessary to achieve greater ease while growing your business.

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Just fill in your first name and working email address for instant access to your complimentary copy.

Dawn DelVecchio

About the Author

Dawn DelVecchio is a professional writer, marketing consultant and entrepreneurial business coach. She’s also been a luxury travel writer, a magazine editor, professional kick boxer, kick boxing coach, herbalist, ceremonialist and astrologer. Until recently, these diverse career paths shared one common denominator … they kept her close to broke.

After having a child as a young single mother, Dawn spent most of her adult life developing herself through spiritual study and practice while simultaneously living in chronic in financial struggle. She attributes the transformational change in her financial life to a change in her mindset around money.

Dawn understands firsthand the painful disconnect that happens when heart-centered helpers don’t address their relationship to money, and she’s on a mission of sorts, to open up a conversation on this sometimes taboo subject. Her goal is to support people who are called to have a greater impact with their work, so they don’t get stymied by subconscious blocks, faulty vows of poverty and what she calls “Unexamined Money Mantras.”

Spirit, Mind & Money shares Dawn’s story and the stories of others who have wrangled with these issues. More than that, it opens up this conversation and reveals a way out for those who feel called on a deep level to turn their soul work into a business that serves others and feeds them abundantly.

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